160304502_a0d91cdfcb_m“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Remember our favorite childhood chant, the one we’d constantly annoy our parents with as soon as they stepped into the door with our cherished vanilla ice cream, fudge brownie and that gooey chocolate syrup? Well, some things never change; we still anticipate the first bite of that creamy, sugary treat. Let’s hope those screams are just talk though.

Well, you might just let those inner childhood screams out when you try Saturn Café’s delicious hot fudge sundae, cool and refreshing for a summer night with the right amount of chocolate sauce to warm your heart. It’s located on Oxford Street and attending this parlor is a must. The price is almost as delicious as the sundae itself, only $5.25 for a huge scoop!

The chocolatey goodness coupled with the glitzy, glamorous old-fashioned décor of the diner is enough to send us straight to another planet!

Image Source: Muffintop under Creative Commons


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