birdhouseOne couple, by the names of Tom White and Dmitri Belser, has taken on quite an ambitious project. They bought the Cheney Cottage, originally located on College Avenue, for $16 from the campus.

They recently relocated half of it to 62nd Street, where they plan to restore it. The second half is due to arrive in March. They’re documenting the project on their blog, subtitled, “How a gay blind jew and his lover of 30 years managed to move two 100 year old houses and restore them – and lived to tell the tale.”

Of course, this sort of undertaking is not one for the faint of heart. The house in question was originally built in 1906, and sliced in half to move last year. It was also offered up for $1 by the campus in fall 2009. What’s with the huge markup to $16? Sounds like these guys got stiffed.

We kid. And we wish them the best in their restoration efforts. It sounds like they’re going to need it.

Image Source: Echo9er under Creative Commons
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