cutsSometimes, not being first is a good thing. Data on the Huffington Post places the UC system tenth on the list of 13 public colleges that had tuition raises this year.

Lucky number one is the University of Iowa which will see a system wide 5 percent increase, with engineering students facing 20 percent increases and nursing students a mountainous 40 percent. With our 8 percent, we’re not looking too shabby.

Coming in last is Connecticut with a significantly smaller 2.5 percent which was approved by the board of trustees earlier this year. Let’s hope we’re not moving on up next year.

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The Largest Tuition Increases In Public Colleges [Huffington Post]

comicJust in case we haven’t belabored the topic enough, here’s another post related to Comic Relief. Dedicated Clog readers will know that shortly after Comic Relief closed, a new store featuring its inventory opened.

Now Uel Carter, a former employee of Comic Relief, will open a new store in its former space. Fantastic Comics, named after a publication of one of Carter’s partners, will open on May 1. Carter said you can view the two stores that emerged from the demise of Comic Relief as two children, and he happened to get the house.

Just think of Comic Relief’s closing like parents getting divorced. It’s sad at first, but then you realize — double the presents!

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Comic Relief spawns a second comics book store [Berkeleyside]


Earlier this month, the Tang Center brought us Mind and Body Awareness Week, complete with hugs from Koda-Bear (winning!).

Next week, April 4 – 8, Tang is teaming up with Student-to-Student Peer Counseling for Suicide Awareness Week. You’ll find SSPC members distributing yellow wristbands and ribbons on Sproul, plus a couple of events elsewhere on campus — including read more »


As college students, we never forget the fact that stressed spelled backwards is desserts, adhering to the idea that the stress caused from those massive amounts of papers and midterms should be alleviated by desserts, also known as sugar overload. We grab a piece of chocolate from under our desk every five minutes, convincing ourselves that the one piece that turns into ten won’t hurt.

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superIf you’re in San Francisco and you see someone wearing a cape, it’s not necessarily because you’re next to an Urban Outfitters. San Francisco is just one of the cities participating in the Real Life Superhero Movement, in which a bunch of normal people transform themselves into superheroes.

They then take to the streets to fight crime — vigilante style. So if you ever feel an unexplainable urge to exact some justice (or just wear your underwear outside of your pants in a socially acceptable manner), don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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Otherwise Reasonable San Franciscans Dress Up as Superheroes to Fight Crime [SFist]

brainJust when you think technology can’t get better than the new iPhone, scientists surprise you again.

UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco neuroscientists and engineers have teamed up to develop an apparatus that would allow those afflicted with stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and Lou Gehrig’s disease to control prosthetics using only their thoughts. That’s right: Mind control.

The devices currently being created at the Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses consist of electrodes and circuitry that encode thoughts for movement. The electrodes are put into healthy neural circuits and then pick up the brain’s signals, decode them and send them to the neural prostheses.

Hopefully Professor Xavier isn’t scared of a little competition.

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UC Berkeley, UCSF join forces to advance frontier of brain repair [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

hot Apparently Tony Taccone, the artistic director of the Berkeley Rep, is somewhat of a hot commodity. Emphasis on the hot. The NBC show, “Parenthood,” seemingly set in Berkeley, will feature a character that is similar to Taccone.

Jack Kraft, the artistic director of the Berkeley Theater, will become the love interest of Sarah Braverman, Lauren Graham’s character. Kraft will reportedly be played by “Wings” actor Steven Weber. The couple is supposed to meet when Braverman submits a play to the Berkeley Theater.

Just another day in the life of Tony Taccone: You stage a hit play, a television show creates a handsome character resembling you … the usual.

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TV character patterned on Berkeley Rep’s artistic director [Berkeleyside]

lastfmSometimes bolstering your indie cred just isn’t worth listening to a band that makes screeching cats seem like a Wagner overture. A visiting researcher at UC Berkeley has found data that shows that people are willing to subject their ears to such an auditory massacre in order to project a certain image.

Airi Lampinen, a visiting researcher at the School of Information, along with her peers Suvi Silfverberg and Lassi A. Liikkanen interviewed twelve users of and its application “the scrobbler” which instantly uploads your listening history from your computer to your profile.

The researchers found that people will actually change the music they listen to if it will be made public. If this is true, how do so many people still listen to Justin Bieber?

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Music Choices Change When They Are Published, Researchers Find [UC Berkeley School of Information]

bubbleNo matter how much people age, they always seem to find one of life’s simple pleasures in blowing bubbles. Louis Pearl knows all about blowing bubbles as he proudly wears the title “The Amazing Bubble Man.” Having discovered “The Bubble Trumpet,” in 1980, Louis got started on the streets of Berkeley, demonstrating different bubble toys. Twenty-six years after his discovery, Pearl has performed thousands of bubble shows all over the world. Advertisements claim he can pull off smoking bubbles, bubbles modeling the planetary system and bubble animals, among other things. The Bubble Man can put some people inside his bubbles while having others eat his work. If you’re interested in seeing this spectacle for yourself, “The World’s Funniest Bubble Show,” is held every Sunday at 11 a.m. through April 3 at The Marsh Berkeley (2120 Allston Way).

Image Source: The Big Quack under Creative Commons
The Bubble Man’s World’s Funniest Bubble Show [The Marsh]


So this is kind of upsetting: researchers from UC Berkeley and UC San Diego just released data demonstrating this doozy of a statistic:

Violence against intimate partners increases where the local National Football League team loses a game it was expected to win.

All we can say is BUHHHHH.

Image Source: Maitri under Creative Commons
NFL losses linked to domestic violence [UPI]

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