Peeping Toms, stalkers, or men simply doing “the creep” as Nikki Minaj puts it, are out for blood. One possible culprit, Masaki Kakizawa, may have been caught in the act. He was arrested Monday of last week for allegedly peering into a girl’s bathroom stall at the Valley Life Sciences Building on campus and taking pictures. He allegedly snapped about three or four photographs on his cell phone before being chased by the girl and being arrested soon after.

The rest of us may not be so lucky. There may be more of this behavior out there. Here are some tips to avoid being followed by relentless Paparazzi:

1) Easy things first. Yes, most of us are in such dire need of relief that we rush to the nearest stall without even glancing at our surroundings. You never know what other creature occupies your refuge. Look around and make sure nobody suspicious is lurking the corners.

2) Take a friend. This won’t be too hard, seeing as girls love to pretty themselves and gossip in front of the mirror every once in awhile. Who knew taking a friend could be useful in anything other than girl talk?

3) Pepper spray. Make this your best friend.

Good luck and be safe!

Image Source: meantux under creative commons
Student Arrested for Allegedly Taking Pictures in VLSB Bathroom Stall [Daily Cal]


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