We were at Yali’s in Stanley Hall today, enjoying a strawberry smoothie before lecture began (if you must know). And we happened across this unusual sight.

We believe it was a bizarro sculpture of a milk carton, adorned with white paint to make it look like milk was dripping down the side, complete with a fake puddle of milk on the counter.

If this is the case, we’re not sure why this work of fine art was positioned just above the recycling. Also, why? We didn’t really want to touch it, so we were unable to confirm our theory.

Any other ideas or insight? Leave them in the comments.

Image Source: Valerie Woolard

anon said:
Mar 6, 2011 at 11:24 pm

I work at this Yali’s, and yes its a little sculpture the manager bought and placed out on the counter there.

The location is chosen because that counter is the one with the most traffic, as well as the milk and sugar and etc to put in your coffee. Due to the nature of the sculpture, its unlikely it’ll get tipped into the trash (its identifiable as not-trash) or taken (what would you do with it?)

I like it because that counter gets pretty gross fairly quickly, and this sculpture, of all things, is the only part that doesn’t require cleaning every 15 minutes.