Some love, it some hate it, but none of us can deny that it is something we won’t stop using no matter how much trouble it may cause. Because BART is so essential in our daily commutes, we (with the exception of hardcore germaphobes) treat BART like our own cars, making ourselves quite comfortable on those decaying, ugly grey seats. Do we even know what color they are anymore?

The following information may gross you out, but please, do not let it stop you from continuing your journeys. Simply make sure you tread with caution.

Darleen Franklin, a supervisor at San Francisco State University’s biology lab, ran tests to determine the amount of bacteria multiplying afloat the BART seats. She concluded that at least nine bacteria resistant to antibiotics and many types of mold were living on some of the seats. Because they are so difficult to remove, seems like they will be our traveling companions for a very long time.

Considering the massive amounts of who knows what kind of people, nauseating smells, chewed up gum, and old, stale food stuck to the sides of the seats, are we really all that surprised?

Few tips to consider:
1) Take plastic bags to put under you.
2) Do not contribute; don’t eat or drink on BART.
2) Always carry hand sanitizer.
3) Stand.
4) Touch nothing.
5) Temporarily erase your memory.

Be safe! (And clean.)

Image Source: Charles Haynes Under Creative Commons.
On Bart Trains, the Seats are Taken (By Bacteria) [The New York Times]


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