New findings by UC Berkeley researchers indicate that sleep is no longer pointless, as some of us may believe, especially during midterm season. Sleep does not waste precious study time, in fact, it helps us study better and retain more information. Sleep waves called “sleep spindles,” generated during sleep, work on our memory systems and learning functions. An experiment involving two groups of students, one with no sleep, and the other with a sufficient amount of sleep was conducted. These students attempted to learn the same information, yet those with more sleep in their system performed better. Not only do you have an excuse to sleep more, but you also have an excuse to study less!

Now who said all- nighters take us to the path of success?  Prove them wrong; go get some good shut eye, and ace that midterm!

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Image Source: DigitalBob8 Under Creative Commons
As We Sleep, Speedy Brain Waves Boost our Ability to Learn [UC Berkeley News Center]

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