This is a funny looking horse. Try not to read too much into it. CalSERVE, the oldest existing student political party on campus, has announced that they will not be running any executive candidates in the upcoming ASUC elections.

The move is a little perplexing, given that the party currently holds two of the five executive positions. And while they’ve had a rough two years following it, they swept all four of the partisan executive positions for the 2008-2009 school year.

They are also, it should be noted, one of the two major parties in the campus’s esteemed political system (the other one being Student Action). So, imagine this, if you will, as a national election, but instead of Democrats and Republicans, the two major political parties are the Democrats and the More Democrats. The More Democrats just said they don’t want to bother putting up a presidential candidate. That’s basically what happened. Basically.

It remains to be seen what the effects of this will be. Is CalSERVE essentially handing an executive sweep to Student Action in the hopes of a larger representation in the Senate? Will CalSERVE be throwing its weight behind some of the independent and third-party executive candidates to get them elected? Who, besides former ASUC reporters*, really cares? Only time will tell. But we find it difficult to believe that the party of Ricardo Gomez is going down that easily.

*That’s us.

Image Source: Bill Gracey under Creative Commons
CalSERVE Opts Not to Run Executive Candidates in Election [Daily Cal]

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