Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Berkeley’s first homicide of the year took place Tuesday on Blake Street. The victim was Tobias Pemadorji Eagle and police have not stated a suspected motive for the crime, except to say that they do not believe it was random. [Daily Cal]

Berkeley unemployment rate is/was up in January. [Daily Cal]

Possibly soon to join those unemployed: 85 Berkeley teachers whose contracts expire in June. [Berkeleyside]

The fiancee of a man who was killed six months ago near the Ashby BART threw a block party yesterday to commemorate him on the six-month anniversary of his death. The crime remains unsolved. [Berkeleyside]

Yudof and company discuss the state of the university. SPOILER ALERT: It’s been better. [Daily Cal]

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Image Source: Chris McDermut, Daily Cal


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