coffeeThe only thing that has a chance of rivaling the sky-high number of yogurt shops around here is the number of coffee shops. Nonetheless, Zanzibar Coffee House opened up in Sather Lane off Durant Avenue and is looking specifically to cater to students.

- The coffee shop is spacey and offers free wifi, as it aims to become a popular study spot for Cal students. If you need a break from the library, this may be your spot.

-In addition to the standard coffees, the coffee shop also provides a diverse array of snacks ranging from various cheesecakes to Indian samosas. Not to worry, they’ve got their healthy bases covered too, with an assortment of fresh fruit.

-We can endorse the chocolate chip muffins, which not only make a convenient and delicious breakfast, but are also cheaper than the chocolate chip muffins across the street at Bear Market or at GBC. Same goes for the scones.

-Since the place is undergoing its “soft-opening” right now, they have a suggestion box and are willing to take ideas from students on how to improve their place, so go take a look!

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Image Source: antwerpenR under Creative Commons


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