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The Hubris of Student Action

Posted By Valerie Woolard On Apr 1, 2011 @ 8:26 pm In News | Comments Disabled

hubrisMembers of the major resume builder ahem, student political party Student Action declined to show up for the Daily Cal’s ASUC Candidate Forum today. It appears that since CalSERVE is not running any executive candidates [1], Student Action decided they had better things to do on a Friday night. They left the Daily Cal a lovely voicemail this morning saying they were passing on the forum to do some “grassroots campaigning.”

Let’s be real here, the forum is not the most serious political event there ever was. But, the ASUC also isn’t the most serious political body there ever was, what with how often its members don’t seem to know the rules of their our organization and end up suspending the bylaws as result [2] … or allocating one program $15,000 twice by accident [3].

All the same, this behavior doesn’t seem quite in line with Student Action’s party line as “mak(ing) student government accountable to every student, every year.” We don’t feel they’re particularly accountable to us, although they do always look sharp in those suits. Granted, it’s always been a little bit of an illusion that ASUC elections were more than a popularity contest, but it was kind of rude of them to shatter it in one fell swoop.

It seems Student Action figured that since they were the only major party running, they assume they’re shoe-ins and didn’t need to answer any serious questions about their platforms. Instead, we’re left with just their talking points of “further develop(ing) academic resources,” “building the Cal community,” increasing outdoor study space and a “dynamic support network.”

Whether the pass on the forum was an act of cowardice, arrogance or both, it would have been good to see Student Action candidates make some attempt to appear on a level ground with the other candidates in an open forum, instead of only playing in arenas where they can do everything on their own terms. But if you’re going to be that way, Student Action, we’d be happy to discuss your platforms with you over coffee, if that’s more your style. Or beer. Although we’ll probably still think you’re tools. You know where to find us (it’s at [email protected]).

And all of this is not to say they won’t still win executive positions. After all, electing egomaniacs is sort of an American pastime and incompetence and vague promises are certainly not anything new to the ASUC. We only wish that ASUC elections were less of a sham, and that at least minimally engaging in debate were a prerequisite to getting elected.

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