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Bottled Water No More?

Posted By Diana Newby On Apr 5, 2011 @ 4:11 pm In News | Comments Disabled


Needless to say, we have ASUC on the brain, what with elections plus the conspicuous absence [1] of certain parties from certain forums ( … forumni? forae?) and all.

Political bitterness aside, the initiative [2] to end bottled water sales on UC Berkeley’s campus has also become quite the hot topic — “hot” also being our way of commenting on the freakishly warm weather of late. Dehydration is no one’s friend; but do you know what is? Waste diversion, if the Sustainability Team has anything to say about it.

The “End the Sale of Bottled Water” initiative would theoretically advance us toward the goal of zero-waste by the end of the decade. It also calls for an increased number, and the improved maintenance of, water fountains on campus.

There are those, however, who think it would cause more harm than good, due to such issues as the health risks associated with tap water [3]; moreover, ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul noted [4] that the initiative fails to account for how “funding that supports the ASUC and ultimately underwrites student activities and programs would be affected by the elimination of bottled water sales on the campus.”

Do your homework, share your thoughts, and remember: time’s a-wastin’! Elections are going on NOW till April 7, in case for some reason you were unaware (#judging).

Image Source: Klearchos Kapoutsis [5] under Creative Commons
Berkeley to Ban Bottled Water? [NBC Bay Area [2]]

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