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ASUC Campaigning From A Sign Holder’s Perspective

Posted By Sophie Lee On Apr 6, 2011 @ 1:22 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

yourmomWe’re in the throes of ASUC elections [1] (ah, so that’s what those mobs of overly enthusiastic campaigners are doing on Sproul … it’s okay, we had a hard time deciphering the jibber-jabber they would throw at us too; it all sounded like random sequences of numbers interspliced with overly long names and, god, their smiles were too blindingly big, of course we couldn’t hear them right).

Anyway, we were wondering what in the world would motivate students to volunteer their time as glorified humanoid A-frames for a few days. Their answers were unexpected and uplifting:

“It’s entertaining/ frustrating/ hilarious/ awesome/ awful/ scary. There were people visiting from China and I had to explain to them what was going on. They were really fascinated by the signs, to have students representing the student government. You get caught up in “oh, this is your friend running,” but explaining to other people reminds us of why we’re here.” —Paula Venegas for Nairi Shirinian (Independent), Raza Amiling for Kevin Williams (CalSERVE), Rob Loanion for Anthony Galace (CalSERVE)

“I’m good friends with Joey … I like it [sign holding] better than flyering ’cause you don’t have to approach all the unfriendly people … I don’t know how the people who are running do it. They’re out here for eight hours; I have a few friends who have ankle braces from standing and walking around so much.” —Natan Redy for Joey Freeman (Student Action)

“Anthony’s a good friend of mine; his hard work motivates me to do the same … Flyering seems really tiring, but it’s actually a good way to put yourself out there, especially if you’re introverted.” —Aishwarya Shukla for Anthony Mendoza (Student Action)

Our informed conclusions:

1) All those people flyering and sign holding and campaigning out there are good friends with the candidates they’re supporting; in other words, friendship motivates us to do very many ridiculous things we wouldn’t otherwise waste time on.

2) Sign-holding’s really not that bad — that or the sign holders have come up with elaborate and convincing rationalizations that make it seem that way.

3) Maybe it’s worthwhile to vote [2] in these silly student elections, after all, if some of us believe so strongly in the candidates that we’re willing to sacrifice our humanness for an hour at a time to be a signpost for somebody. Maybe.

[To vote, go here [3]; voting ends at 11:59pm on April 7th.]

Image source: Evante Garza-Licudine [4]

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