moneyIf you’re worried about early baldness due to the stress of tuition costs, then have we got some figurative Rogaine for you. UC Berkeley is number 14 on’s annual survey of college return on investment rates.

Data was taken from 1.4 million pay reports from the past 20 years to calculate both the annual and 30 year return on investment for bachelor’s degrees. Berkeley’s cost in 2010, including living expenses and all that jazz, totaled up to $110,000. The annual return on investment is a pretty impressive 12.9 percent, with the long haul 30 year ROI at $1,167,000.

Some of us humanities majors still might want to marry rich as back up, but to everyone else: look forward to a bright and promising future of not having to re-re-wear dirty clothes in order to save money.

Image Source: aresauburn under Creative Commons
Colleges With The Highest Return On Investment: PayScale Report [Huffington Post]


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