All right, so we’re kind of putting words in people’s mouths. But that does seem to be the subtext of a recent survey conducted by the UC Graduate Assembly and Associated Students of the University of California, which found Berkeley students reluctant to patronize the Telegraph Avenue and downtown districts for anything other than food.

After all, three-quarters of respondents said the streets are too dirty, and 65 percent complained that there are too many homeless hanging around. About that many also stated that they don’t feel safe enough walking around — the main danger ostensibly being big scary read more »

shorts11-235x3001Everyone’s surprised that our hard economic times have actually produced a drop in rates of violent crime. Berkeley professor Neil Gilbert has an explanation — the reinforcement of social norms. [Washington Post]

On the subject of hard economic times, the California State Assembly Committee on Appropriations approved one of two bills comprising the DREAM Act. Should undocumented students receive aid from the state? We welcome your thoughts in the comments below. [Daily Cal]

In better news for Cali, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has tips on how meet our target of 80 percent reduction to greenhouse gas emissions. Whether we’ll actually do it is, of course, another matter entirely [SolarServer]

And further in the way of Lawrence Berkeley research, here’s a headline we don’t even begin to understand: “Scientists Analyze Substrate Candidates to Preserve the Intrinsic Properties Grapheme [Azom]

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"What? I'm being poisoned?"

We think we’re so advanced and smart and safe with our wide selection of inflammable infant products (because you never know what those little suckers will do, right?), but a recent UC Berkeley study has found seven times the amount of toxic flame retardants in the blood of Latino children in the US than those living in Mexico.

A specific type of flame retardant (halogenated, or those with bromine or chlorine) “can cause endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal and child development and on neurologic function.” In other words, this is serious, folks.

On top of all that, these are legally required in many infant products but not for these same products’ covers, which means all that toxicity might not even keep the baby from being engulfed in flames along with his/her cute little baby chair, which is the tragic little image we’ll leave you with today, as we send you off to a more informative piece on what exactly this all means.

Image source: The Facey Family under Creative Commons
Toxic flame retardants found in many foam products [UC Berkeley Newscenter]
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artSo that class/ job/ internship/ drinking is turning out not to be as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Time to get creative, literally.

And you may even be able to score a $46 discount.

Image source: vigo74 under Creative Commons
The ASUC Art Studio [site]


If you’re a big fan of both cinema and Swedish mystery writing, you are no doubt aware that you’ll have to wait a few more months for the David Fincher-directed film version of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” but the Swedes are way ahead of us, and have already created movie adaptations of the entire trilogy.

You can catch a free screening of the third movie right here on campus, followed by a discussion with the filmmaker. It’s all happening on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in 142 Dwinelle.

Image Source: fabi_k under Creative Commons
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: Screening and Discussion with filmmaker Daniel Afredson [Events Calendar]

323371248_0e0d156c1cThis spring, a new Berkeley program attempted to pry our noses out of the books. The Berkeley Arts Seminars, a part of the Freshman and Sophomore Seminars program and organized by the Berkeley Arts Research Center, incorporates the range of art present on campus into the class seminar itself.

Students went to at least two different art venues on campus, the admissions to which were provided by a donor. It is a chance to actually experience some of the topics covered in class.

It’s kind of like having field trips, except none of them are so mind-numbingly dull that they made you daydream about sitting in a classroom.

Image Source: EuroMagic under under Creative Commons
Faculty, Freshmen Get Taste of Campus Arts Scene [College of Letters and Science]

dogNothing grabs at the heart quite as strongly as adorable, fuzzy animals. The people over at Paw Fund seem to know this, as it is a nonprofit that helps both the homeless and lower-income to pay for medical bills for their pets.

Founded in January by Jill Posener, the organization started with $25,000 in donations and has helped about 30 animals get spayed or neutered and obtained medical attention for 50 others.

This Sunday, May 22, Paw Fund along with People and Animals Living Safely will hold a free animal care clinic in People’s Park from 11 am to 4 pm. We’re just glad that help is being made more readily available for these animals.

Image Source: Jodene under Creative Commons
Pets of the homeless to get help at People’s Park clinic [Berkeleyside]

stradaFor some of us, finals week means spending so much time in our favorite late-night study cafe that in our delirium we find it difficult to remember where or what home is. In case you’ve burnt yourself out and need a new place to shotgun coffee and eat a diabetes-inducing amount of food, Complex Magazine has a suggestion for you.

They’ve put together a list of the nation’s 50 best college coffee shops and our very own Caffe Strada has claimed number eight. Do you think they deserve it?

Image Source: angeloangelo under Creative Commons
The 50 Best College Coffee Shops In America Complex via Huffington Post

handler In case you can’t muster up the strength for Bay to Breakers or would rather make questionable decisions in the comfort of your own city, Books Inc is hosting a pretty cool event.

Chelsea Handler will be signing books purchased in-store at the Fourth Street location today at 4:00 pm. “Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me” is the comedian’s fourth book. The concept seems pretty interesting; the book is seemingly written by Handler’s friends, family and co-workers.

Make sure to get there early, the line for her signing on Tuesday went around the block!

Image Source: Wikimedia under Creative Commons
Chelsea Handler coming to Berkeley on Sunday [Berkeleyside]

shorts11-235x3001Which is worth more: being a Bear or a Banana Slug? The difference could in fact become financial. Nothing elitist whatsoever about that. [LA Times]

Here’s something to wax existential about: over the last ten years, the number of UC Berkeley philosophy undergrads has swelled by 75 percent. The school’s explanation? “Lots of reading, thinking and arguing helps a student in many different fields.” Ya don’t f*ckin’ say. [SF Business Times]

3-D movies downloaded almost instantaneously to your phone? Well, hell-o, future. [TG Daily]

On the subject of amazing technological advances, this is possibly the most heart-warming thing we’ve read all semester. And yes, we at the Clog do indeed have hearts. [News Center]

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