I think i can see Berkeley from here!

“Hey, welcome back! So what did you do this summer?”

“Oh, you know, just focused on the U.S. labor policy and its effect on disabled youth in my internship with the American Association of People with Disabilities at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment and Policy, in Washington, D.C. Then I spent some time in Malaysia working on a project to distribute condoms and clean syringes in prisons. After that, I headed to a small town in Guatemala to help indigenous Mayan artisans build a sustainable market for the crafts they produce. And then I came back to the Bay Area to interview transsexuals in S.F. about their experiences dealing with the health care system. What about you?” read more »

Japanese InternmentThe talk of the town might be various budget cuts and fee hikes and all that depressing business, but did you hear about the rather large and impressive grants headed this way? Though it might not be as heavily publicized as all the doom and despair of late, The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley has received over $270,000 in two separate grants from the National Park Service, and for good reason.

The library will use the funds to “expand its efforts documenting the World War II era experiences of Japanese Americans.” One of the grants goes toward the work being done by the library’s Regional Oral History Office (they call it ROHO), locating and recording interviews with those Japanese Americans who suffered from wartime internment. The second, larger grant (a whopping $220,493—yes, we’re sure those last $493 will be put to good use, though we remain unclear why the National Park Service couldn’t simply round up) will be used in The Bancroft’s continued efforts to go high tech with their materials. By putting their collection online, the library looks to make their digital archive an invaluable resource for those studying this unfortunate, yet incredibly important, part of our history.

Image Source: Beau Owens Photography under Creative Commons
Bancroft Library to expand documentation of Japanese Americans’ World War II experiences [UC Berkeley News Center]

This some bull!

Honestly, we really hate being the bearers of bad news, so we apologize in advance. Kids, Sacramento is at it again (seriously, are you really that surprised?).

Nowadays, the words “California legislators have a new budget plan” are usually followed by an array of expletives by Cal students. We’re sorry to say that this time will be no different. And the damage is — drumroll please — another $150 million of cuts to the UC system (pause for expletives). This now brings the grand total to $650 million in cuts this year. Yea, we know. read more »

centerThe best Saturday nights are obviously those spent sitting in the parking lot of a Bank of America. On Saturdays, Aug. 6, 13, 20 and 27 the Downtown Berkeley Association is planning “Center Street Summer Cinema,” free showings of movies on, that’s right, Center Street.

The audience will sit in the Bank of America parking lot and watch a movie projected onto the old UC Printing Plant Building. With gracious democracy, the Downtown Berkeley Association is holding a vote in order to decide which movies to play.

The movie actually seems like the least interesting part of the night. After 6:30 p.m., Center will be blocked off from traffic from Oxford and Shattuck, probably so that event attendees don’t become too familiar with speeding cars. This will also allow at least 15 restaurants to serve special dishes on or near the road.

As you’re enjoying your meal in the street, you can also enjoy lovely music from performers at the Downtown Berkeley MusicFest. The DBA is also planning what seems like a veritable carnival (without the rides), with face painting, cartoons, and short features.

This definitely makes sitting on asphalt for two hours sound a lot more worth it.

Image Source: chaley420 under Creative Commons
Summer movie series launches in downtown Berkeley: Vote for the films you want to see [Berkeleyside]
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Ever-so-flattering paparazzi shot of Fiona Dourif ('True Blood') on set.

Ever-so-flattering paparazzi shot of Fiona Dourif ('True Blood') on set.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson (“There Will Be Blood,” “Magnolia,” “Punch-Drunk Love,” “Boogie Nights”) has been filming scenes from his latest project, “The Master,” at the eerie, run-down and mostly abandoned Hillside Elementary School (Le Roy/ La Loma, not far from the Foothill dorms) since Friday.

Philip Seymour Hoffman stars as a WWII veteran who returns from war and creates a new belief system (read: cult) out of his post-war soul-searching. Joaquin Phoenix’s character becomes his right-hand man who later questions the “religion” he has helped create.

Before the film was officially titled, the Scientology parallels (Hoffman’s character was loosely based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard) led to a few inevitable nicknames:  ”‘Untitled Scientology Project’ or ‘Untitled PTA Pisses Off Tom Cruise Project’ or any other nonsense.”‘ read more »

No snoring in class!So you’ve decided to take summer classes because you didn’t have the funds for that backpacking trip through Europe you’ve been raving about since last November. Bummer, but summer classes don’t have to suck (as much) when you have the Clog staff scouring through the session D schedule to find some interesting classes for your “enjoyment.” Here’s a list of a few classes we thought would make your summer at Cal fly much faster than it would taking Introduction to Financial Accounting or something equally dreadful. And please, let us know if you’re taking a class deemed interesting enough to stay awake through so we can add it to our list. read more »

photo-4Backyard barbecues have long been a staple of the American summer experience and Fourth of July celebrations. However, we here at the Clog can’t seem to find anyone with a barbecue, or a backyard for that matter. Thus, we have opted to find delicious barbecue elsewhere. Besides, buying all the ingredients and preparing the food yourself is way too much work and we’re like totally too busy with studying and stuff.

Luckily for us, there exist two conveniently located bastions of affordable barbecued glory in (or near) Berkeley: Smokey J’s and the Brick Pig’s House. read more »

Edited by Kelly Fang (Multimedia Editor), Justin Ray Abraham (Multimedia Producer) and Brian Butterfield (Multimedia Producer)

We at the Clog are definitely fans of the astonishingly summer-esque weather of late. And what better way to celebrate the sunshine than to run amok in it? Here are a few of our favorite local parks in which to gallivant, ramble and generally make merry.

Tilden Regional Park
Tucked away in the hills running east of Berkeley and Kensington, the massive and fabulous Tilden Park seems a surprisingly well-kept secret given the number of students who have never been. Reasons why we love this hidden treasure: read more »

Piano Across AmericaSo we were walking home this lovely afternoon and as we came to the intersection of Durant and Telegraph Avenues, were pleasantly surprised to discover this!

Playing a catchy tune on his upright piano and joined by an enthusiastic vocalist, Dotan Negrin graced the streets of Berkeley in his quest to travel the country, inspiring people with his vision and his music.

read more »

adeleAdele has announced new dates for her North American tour after having to cancel due to laryngitis: She’ll be singing at the Greek on Aug. 14 instead of the original concert date of June 4.

The other two summer concerts at the Greek this year are Slightly Stoopid on July 29 and A Perfect Circle on July 30.

Image source: SFist
Adele North American Tour Reschedule Announced [SFist]

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