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Are you feeling exceptionally adventurous this weekend, but you’re short on funds? Do you have a bike and a love for obscure music? Well you’re in luck, hipster, because we found the perfect event for you and it’s the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival. Just bring your bike and your good vibes. Oh, you might also want to bring some cash to tip the bands or karma will surely not be on your side for a little while.

If schlepping your bike on the BART and riding around the city does not appeal to you, we understand. Perhaps some on-campus stargazing would better suit your needs? Weather permitting, where else could you truly “share in the wonder of the universe with your friends?” Moreover, we here at the Clog can’t think of a better way to spend a night with that special someone.


For some free daytime fun-time, we have a couple recommendations for you. Once again, for those on the more adventurous side who don’t mind heading over to the city, you can catch the last day of the 54th Annual North Beach Festival. From what we could gather, there’s a celebrity pizza toss!

And for the rest of you who would rather stay in Berk-town (we know that it can be pretty difficult to break the Berkeley bubble at times) it would probably be a good idea for you to head on down to the annual Masters of Fine Arts exhibition at BAM/PFA. It’s free for students and we know most of you are a little curious as to what a Masters of Fine Arts student is up to.

Image Source: Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons


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