This tasty morsel of a documentary captures legendary German film director Werner Herzog eating a shoe à la Alice Waters’ School of Slow Food (cooked for five hours to leathery perfection) at the Berkeley UC Theater. He bet American director and documentarian Errol Morris (just starting out at the time) that Morris would never complete his documentary, “Gates of Heaven,” about a pet cemetery; and that if he did, he would eat his shoe.

At eight minutes into the video, Herzog begins to address the crowd in the theater, intersplicing encouragement to young filmmakers with culinary commentary: “I think I won’t eat the soles because it’s so sticky now…when you eat the chicken, you leave the bones anyway.”

Short Break: That Shoe Werner Herzog Ate? Cooked at Chez Panisse! [The Bay Citizen]
Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe [YouTube]


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