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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People who were relieved to hear about Governor Brown’s decision to veto the legislature’s proposed budget include, but were certainly not limited to, Chancellor Birgeneau. [News Center]

Lucky guests joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the Claremont Hotel for a $1000 event that included, but was certainly not limited to, baked eggs. Groups that could not attend included, but were certainly not limited to, the Daily Cal. [Daily Cal]

We’ve never heard of plasmon rulers, but they’ve gone 3-D, and it’s apparently a pretty big deal. To the tune of “measuring nanometer-scale spatial changes in macrmolecular systems” and, you know, stuff. []

And because we love Robert Reich so much, here’s further proof that this man sure does not beat around the bush. [SFGate]

Image Source: andykaufman under Creative Commons
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