The star of the show, Anna Deavere Smith

The star of the show, Anna Deavere Smith.

Theater nerds, rejoice!

If you’ve heard anything about Anna Deavere Smith’s “Let Me Down Easy,” it’s probably been rave reviews. The show, currently playing at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, was originally scheduled to close this coming Sunday, June 26. But due to it’s tremendous popularity, “Let Me Down Easy” was extended through July 10, in the hopes that a few extra performances would satiate the appetites of Berkeley’s theater-loving locals.

Apparently even this isn’t enough, though, because the Berkeley Rep has just announced — and quite happily, we might add — that the show will return after a three-week stint in Santa Monica, for an additional 27 performances over the course of four weeks.

Yup, it’ll be back in town starting Aug. 10 and seats went on sale today! If you have any interest in seeing “Let Me Down Easy,” (which you totally should) we recommend that you get your tickets right about now. Smith has been heralded as “the most exciting individual in American theater,” and this, her acclaimed one-woman show, isn’t one to be missed.

Image Source: Anna Deavere Smith under Wikimedia Commons
Berkeley Repertory Theatre Announces Encore For LET ME DOWN EASY [Broadway World]

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