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It took us a couple weeks, but we finally made our way to “Off the Grid” — the latest in fantastic foodie attractions to enter the city limits. Though Wednesday night’s weather had turned somewhat sour by the time we arrived at the crossroads of Shattuck and Rose, that certainly didn’t stop the Clog from waiting in line for the cornucopia of noms that the various vendors had to offer.

Other than the unexpected cold front, our greatest misfortune was having too few stomachs to sample everything. That being said, we can absolutely vouch for Liba Falafel; $8 per regular-sized sandwich might sound like a lot until you start piling your pita with ridiculous amounts of free toppings — and did we mention the lime-seasoned sweet potato fries? We were more than a little excited to learn that this vendor, unlike some that rotate out, will be there every week.

most expensive taco in the worldIn lieu of ordering from STREATERY or Brass Knuckles due to lines of obnoxious proportions, we also checked out The Taco Guys, where we were again initially horrified by prices ($5 for ONE taco? Really now?) before discovering that The Taco Guys inarguably do more than adequate justice to their name. Only in terms of taste, however; as far as portions go, we don’t recommend hitting up their truck on an empty stomach.

As for dessert, one Clogger noted that Cupkates’ frosting tastes far too much like straight-up butter and the cupcakes themselves, although otherwise satisfying, aren’t nearly so delightful as Love at First Bite just a hop-skip-and-jump down the street. We might have sampled Skylite Snowballs were it not for the arctic chill or the prospect of spending more dinero.

Ay, there’s the rub: Off the Grid is a good time, but it’s not a cheap one by any means. On the other hand, there was free live music in the form of a cover band that included a dude on stand-up bass. Between that and the hordes of adorable dogs, the Clog couldn’t really complain.

Images Source: Ricardo Barton
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