Japanese InternmentThe talk of the town might be various budget cuts and fee hikes and all that depressing business, but did you hear about the rather large and impressive grants headed this way? Though it might not be as heavily publicized as all the doom and despair of late, The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley has received over $270,000 in two separate grants from the National Park Service, and for good reason.

The library will use the funds to “expand its efforts documenting the World War II era experiences of Japanese Americans.” One of the grants goes toward the work being done by the library’s Regional Oral History Office (they call it ROHO), locating and recording interviews with those Japanese Americans who suffered from wartime internment. The second, larger grant (a whopping $220,493—yes, we’re sure those last $493 will be put to good use, though we remain unclear why the National Park Service couldn’t simply round up) will be used in The Bancroft’s continued efforts to go high tech with their materials. By putting their collection online, the library looks to make their digital archive an invaluable resource for those studying this unfortunate, yet incredibly important, part of our history.

Image Source: Beau Owens Photography under Creative Commons
Bancroft Library to expand documentation of Japanese Americans’ World War II experiences [UC Berkeley News Center]


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