This some bull!

Honestly, we really hate being the bearers of bad news, so we apologize in advance. Kids, Sacramento is at it again (seriously, are you really that surprised?).

Nowadays, the words “California legislators have a new budget plan” are usually followed by an array of expletives by Cal students. We’re sorry to say that this time will be no different. And the damage is — drumroll please — another $150 million of cuts to the UC system (pause for expletives). This now brings the grand total to $650 million in cuts this year. Yea, we know.

As a result, we should likely expect another increase in tuition. In January, Governor Brown’s proposal to cut $500 million from the UC system was followed by university officials stating that this cut wouldn’t increase tuition. Anything above the initial $500 million, however, would again force the raising of a tuition that has already seen a 40 percent increase in the last couple of years.

We’re sorry to say that it doesn’t stop there. In mid-December, lawmakers have the ability to make more cuts if projected revenues don’t materialize, and under a new tiered system that Governor Brown introduced, higher education will be the first to receive these cuts.

We know this all sounds bad but if you look on the bright side, at least … eh, there’s no away around it. This sucks.

Image Source: Inkyhack under Creative Commons
New California budget most likely means tuition hikes at state colleges [The Bellingham Herald]


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