The Campanile

Sather Tower has got to be one of Berkeley’s most famous landmarks — though probably only when you call it by its more colloquial name, the Campanile.

Its more than 300 feet of quintessential Berkeley-ness seem to watch over our not-so-little campus, the unrivaled vantage point offering unobstructed views of The Bay in all its glory.

This lovable tower chimes on the hour (letting us know when to scramble to the next class), entertains us with melodious tunes at lunchtime, and makes for a fantastically cheesy place to take our parents when they come to visit and want to see what the college experience is all about, here.

It’s also going to be closed. read more »

innoutAs we all know, Berkeley faces some weighty issues. One concerned person asks, “How come the scientists get all the lasers? I think we should all have access to lasers.”

How do we know this? We don’t just go around asking people about their stance on laser availability. One group of Berkeley students recently launched a website called CitySandbox, where people can voice their thoughts about their community.

The site combines a Google map of the Berkeley area with social networking. Users can click on a specific spot on the map and comment on whatever they so desire. Other users can then comment on the marker that is created and vote on whether or not they like it.

Ideally, this will be a platform where serious community issues can be addressed. The project is part of Berkeley’s Social App Lab, an undergraduate research group which deals with media that changes social participation.

The application has already dealt with some problems such as potholes and crime. We at the Clog are of course very concerned with the pressing matters raised. After all, why are there no closer In-N-Outs?

Image Source: Aaron Friedman under Creative Commons
New website promotes community building [Berkeleyside]
CitySandbox [site]

September 11, 2010 events at ground zero and the City Hall

Sorry, but a fresh report co-sponsored by UC Berkeley regarding American attitudes towards Islam is totally bumming us out at the moment. According to the report, Americans are stubbornly continuing the not-so-proud tradition of minority hatin’. Just ask African Americans or our indigenous peoples, we kinda suck sometimes.

We here at the Clog are less than thrilled with the 30 percent favorable rating of Islam in our homeland. Not to mention read more »

off the grid 2

It took us a couple weeks, but we finally made our way to “Off the Grid” — the latest in fantastic foodie attractions to enter the city limits. Though Wednesday night’s weather had turned somewhat sour by the time we arrived at the crossroads of Shattuck and Rose, that certainly didn’t stop the Clog from waiting in line for the cornucopia of noms that the various vendors had to offer.

Other than the unexpected cold front, our greatest misfortune was having too few stomachs to sample everything. That being said, we can absolutely vouch for Liba Falafel; $8 per regular-sized sandwich might sound like a lot until you start piling your pita with ridiculous amounts of free toppings — and did we mention read more »

Go Bears!

We couldn’t help but feel a little teary-eyed after Danny Fry’s closing statement and the unfortunate realization that the ride is actually over — Cal baseball’s Cinderella season has officially ended. As much as we really hoped our team would swing their bats all the way to a championship trophy, we at the Clog understand that this should not be a time for disappointment but for celebration. Cal baseball, against all possible odds, showed true Golden Bear valor throughout a tumultuous season that began with an uncertain future and ended at college baseball’s biggest stage.

In September, Cal baseball became one of five sports cut by the college because of budgeting. These cuts were set to begin during the 2011-2012 school year, meaning that this would have been Cal baseball’s final season. Nine months later, read more »

elmoMeet “earthquake safety Elmo.” He will save you from earthquakes in Japan. Or revive you with irritating laughter. We assume that’s what the Japanese above his head says.

Here in Berkeley, we get extravagant displays of emergency preparedness instead, ones meant to reassure us that we’re in good hands (even if they’re not fuzzy or red).

From 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Friday, expect mock victims, complete with labels and fake injuries, by Wurster and Stanley Halls. 2,500 randomly selected WarnMe subscribers will receive test messages. The campus’ public address system and sirens will go off. Police and fire department officials will be on scene. Madness and mayhem will (ideally) not ensue.

This year’s annual emergency drill theme is “Resilience 2011.” The mock scenario? An earthquake causes an explosion on campus, and everyone calmly and resiliently endures. Mock scenario, indeed …

Image source: kalavinka under Creative Commons
Emergency drill set for Friday [UCB Newscenter]

Cafe-MedIt’s one small step for Telegraph, but one giant leap for studentkind: Berkeley’s very first, very own 24-hour hangout (maybe).

Caffe Med’s 24-hour permit‘s been approved, but the owner Craig Becker hasn’t decided what to do with it: “We haven’t decided the hours yet, but we wanted to get the permit to be able to have a choice … if it’s busy enough at night, we might decide that we need permanently extended hours, and that would have to involve trial and error.”

Meanwhile, the Berkeley city’s Planning Commission is still reviewing the Telegraph Business Improvement District’s proposal to extend retail hours from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. (bar-goers, drunkards and late-night stoners, rejoice).

Image source: Matthew Miller via Daily Cal
Caffe Mediterraneum approved for 24-hour business [Daily Cal]

boxDowntown Berkeley has 60 utility boxes, with none of them a color other than gray. If the gloom offends your sunny outlook on life, then don’t worry, you can complain without actually having to do anything about it.

A new civic art project will convert these drab, monochromatic boxes into inspired pieces of art. The “60 Boxes Project,” clearly named in a spurt of pure creativity, matches sponsors with artists in order to decorate these boxes.

Artists must submit samples from their portfolios and, as too many of life’s activities seem to require, fill out a form. Patrons will then be able to choose which artist they would like to design their box. Artists will make either a large polymer sticker or will paint the box directly.

Mayor Bates and his wife, State Senator Loni Hancock, have already picked Mariana Garibay to design their box. The artwork will be a variation on the typical map, something which, according to Garibay, “describes Berkeley as a network of walkways, bikeways and parks.”

So don’t worry, these offensive gray eyesores will probably be covered with all sorts of wonderfully bright colors and elaborate patterns.

Image Source: oskay under Creative Commons
City project will transform utility boxes with vibrant art [Berkeleyside]

The star of the show, Anna Deavere Smith

The star of the show, Anna Deavere Smith.

Theater nerds, rejoice!

If you’ve heard anything about Anna Deavere Smith’s “Let Me Down Easy,” it’s probably been rave reviews. The show, currently playing at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, was originally scheduled to close this coming Sunday, June 26. But due to it’s tremendous popularity, “Let Me Down Easy” was extended through July 10, in the hopes that a few extra performances would satiate the appetites of Berkeley’s theater-loving locals.

Apparently even this isn’t enough, though, because the Berkeley Rep has just announced — and quite happily, we might add — that the show will return after a three-week stint in Santa Monica, for an additional 27 performances over the course of four weeks.

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4448701927_6f9a633927Back in September, the heads of our outstanding institution of higher learning brilliantly decided to demote our varsity rugby team, which has won an astounding 26 national championships BTW, to club status while completely eliminating our baseball team — that same baseball team that isn’t doing too bad these days either, as you might have heard.

As if that isn’t enough to make those folks who cut these successful programs feel a little silly, Cal baseball coach David Esquer was just named National Coach of the Year.

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