If you’ve been following the Clog lately, you probably already know that Cal sports — whether it’s our teams or our alumni — have been doing quite well as of late. Cal baseball had its amazing College World Series run and Cal Alum Jason Kidd led the Mavericks to an NBA championship.

But wait, there’s more! Recent Cal grad and soccer extraordinaire, Alex Morgan, is currently the youngest player on team U.S.A., which just scored its second victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany.

Unbeknownst to us, Alex is kind of a boss. During her senior year at Cal (2010), Morgan led the team with scoring despite playing only 12 games (she was kinda busy playing for the U.S. national team). She also earned all kinds of honors and recognitions, like being a finalist for the Hermann Trophy, which apparently is a pretty big deal.

The Clog would like to wish Ms. Morgan and Team USA all the best.

Go Bears! Wait, um … U-S-A! U-S-A!

Image Source: [clint] under Creative Commons
US flashes favorite’s form vs. Colombia [Fox Sports]


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