July 4 Fireworks

When it comes to the 4th of July, there are the basics: grilling burgers, wearing shorts, drinking … lemonade. As you don your red, white and blue feel free to stick to these classic festivities and enjoy the simple pleasures of being an American.

We at the Clog have been eagerly awaiting this fabulous day off, and have assembled a list of ways to spend the 4th.

For some old fashioned family fun, check out Jack London Square — starting at 11 a.m., activities range from face painting to hula hooping, hanging out with cute animals in a petting zoo (oh God, we’ll go just about anywhere if there are cute animals involved) to renting kayaks and paddling around. There’ll be lots to eat, but, as the good times are scheduled to end around 4 p.m., there won’t be fireworks for the kiddies.

The Berkeley Marina offers a jam-packed day of things to do. Conveniently accessible by bike or bus (the 51B), come for the live entertainment (starting at noon) and stay for the firework show (9:30 p.m.). Attendees are encouraged to embrace sustainable behavior by bringing a reusable water bottle and turning Frisbees into makeshift plates.

If you’re feeling less than patriotic, you might feel inclined to stop by the “Anti-4th of July Rooftop Party” we’ve seen advertized on posters around town. We don’t know the exact where the event will take place or what’s going down, but the fliers have phone numbers, so call if it seems like your kind of gig.

Overwhelmed with options? A more relaxed way to enjoy the best part of the day — without having to deal with sugar-crazed children and big crowds — is to watch fireworks all across the bay from your favorite vantage point. Maybe it’s the rooftop of your apartment building or maybe it’s from the Campanile, wherever you decide to go, ward off any chances of a foggy evening with heartfelt chants of “U.S.A.! U.S.A!”

Oh, and before we forget, happy birthday, America!

Image Source: bayasaa under Creative Commons
4th of July @ Berkeley Marina [Another Bullwinkel Show]
July 4th Festival of Family Fun [Jack London Square]


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