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We Spy: CalSO’s Here

Posted By Kevan Rolfness On Jul 8, 2011 @ 8:51 pm In Sandbox,The Specials | Comments Disabled

Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

Several chill groups of hacky sackers and Frisbee throwers were harmed in the making of this CalSO luncheon.

If you’ve ever stayed in Berkeley over the summer, you already know that these are the quiet months around campus that offer several distinct advantages. Sproul Plaza is not a total circus of bop-shoo-wop singers, well-dressed business students, religious group kumbayas and this guy [1]. And not only are the lines much shorter at popular spots like Cafe Intermezzo and Thai Basil, but you also might even find an open table and dine in.

Unfortunately, if you’re the type of person who would rather spend some of these lovely quiet months outdoors and on campus, we cannot help but think that sudden shouts of “Go Bears!” from a CalSO group are a bit annoying.

Yup, it’s CalSO time. For most of us Berkeley veterans (one year makes you a vet, right?), it’s a reminder that another year is right around the corner and summer will soon be over.

But we here at the Clog don’t want to hate too hard. In fact, we would like to send a warm welcome to all of our guests and future colleagues. We’re especially excited that a third of them [2] are from exotic out-of-state locales (for some reason we’re always meeting other southern Californians).

Plus, it always makes us feel special when we get to offer our Berkeley insider knowledge to those newcomers eager to learn the ins and outs of our special little town. If any one asks us about parks [3], we’ll be super stoked.

Image Source: rhiannonstone [4] under Creative Commons
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