shorts11-235x30011The second of two probes built by UC Berkeley as part of a mission to study the moon in 3-D is scheduled to drop into orbit this Sunday. In addition to being awesome, the project is relatively green, as it is “reusing existing spacecraft to save a lot of taxpayer money.” How considerate. [News Center]

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have resuscitated a 123-year-old singing doll … which ranks among one of the creepiest things we’ve heard of late. [Alameda Patch]

Berkeley scientists have also determined that gray whales changed their diet in order to adapt to “extreme environmental conditions” … which ranks among one of the most obvious things we’ve heard of late. [Daily Cal]

On another note entirely, Ju Hong, one of our student senators-elect, was arrested at an immigration rally in San Bernardino on Tuesday. He and six other students were released early this morning. [Daily Cal]

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