Well, maybe it wasn’t that significant of an earthquake to don the exclamation point, and the seismograph above is that of an earthquake much stronger than what we experienced, but it still shook some of us out of bed.

At 3:51 a.m. on Saturday morning, the earth decided to rumble a bit with a 3.3 earthquake four miles underground centered about half a block west from UC Berkeley’s Clark Kerr Campus. Oh, were you unaware that the fairly noteworthy Hayward fault line runs directly underneath that side of Berkeley? Yea! Welcome to the Bay Area, out-of-state students.

The quake passed quickly and there were no reports of any damage.

We believe that this may have been the earth’s way of showing off its anger towards the UC Regents’ decision to increase tuition, but we can’t verify that at this time.

Image Source: macten under Creative Commons
Magnitude-3.3 quake strikes near Berkeley [sfgate]
Magnitude 3.3 San Francisco Bay Area, California [usgs.gov]

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