If you’re having a slacker summer in Berkeley since you selfishly decided against saving the world via these programs, then you know that Berkeley summers can get a little dull. How many times can you go to the marina, anyway? Well, to be fair, we don’t have a kite …

And if you’re especially bored because your Harry Potter extravaganza came to a close, may we suggest you carry some of that movie-marathon-magic momentum over to BAM/PFA, where the “Hands Up! Essential Skolimowski” series kicks off tonight?

This series, which goes through Aug. 25 and consists of ten different screenings, features the finest work from the famed Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimowski.

Never heard of Skolimowski? It’s fine, neither have we, but he sounds like a badass. According to the BAM/PFA website, not only is he a celebrated filmmaker, but he’s also an actor, a poet, a painter and a boxer. We’re assuming that he decided on that last one in order to keep those pesky critics in line.

So if you’re bored and wondering what you should do for the rest of your summer, consider your problem solved. You’re welcome.

Image Source: mrgarin under Creative Commons
Hands Up! Essential Skolimowski [BAM/PFA]
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