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Um … Berkeley Lab and Burning Man?

Posted By Kevan Rolfness On Jul 30, 2011 @ 7:08 am In Arts,Sandbox,Sci/Tech | Comments Disabled

3910336227_4d519fa49bWhen we heard that Berkeley scientists were doing something for Burning Man — you know, that eight-day hippie debauchery festival that stews beneath the hot Nevada sun — we were shocked and, honestly, a little disappointed. Weren’t there other, more productive things for them to be doing, like working at Lawrence Berkeley Lab on an awesomely fast network [1] for research scientists or continuing efforts toward creating sound zombies [2]?

To be fair, we might be a little bitter because we’re not going (eight days off and $300 can be hard to come by) or maybe we were just a little taken aback since the science lab and Burning Man are not necessarily a match made in heaven. Either way, someone had some ‘splaining to do.

Well, it turns out the project [3], although it isn’t the most noble of undertakings, is pretty darn cool. Artist and Burning Man vet Jim Bowers, along with his research team (which includes Berkeley scientists working independently of the Lab), are creating a massive, laser-driven clock. The clock, which will have a diameter of about one mile, will become the “world’s largest functioning timepiece, according to categories within the Guinness World Records.”

But, wait a second — will hippies and other Burning Man good-vibers even care about the time? Meh, either way, as long as this clock turns out better than the World’s Tallest Thermometer [4] in Baker, California, we here at the Clog say go for it, Mr. Bowers. Make us proud!

Clarification: A previous version of this story may have implied that Jim Bowers’ team was sponsored by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, but this project is actually unaffiliated with the lab.

Image Source: Alison Faith [5] under Creative Commons
Berkeley lab scientists helping to build the world’s largest clock for Burning Man festival [Mercury News [3]]

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