It is an excellent day when we have the excuse to use a clip from this film. Because, sure, Harry Potter may have your heart all a-flutter now — but if you’re anything like us, your childhood was dominated by a different kind of magic.

Oh yeah, we’re definitely talking about Disney. And a name with which you might be less familiar is that of John Musker, the animation director behind the epic masterpiece featured above as well as numerous other gems you surely know and love.

Throughout this week, BAM/PFA will be holding a “Behind the Scenes” series in collaboration with the San Francisco Film Society to showcase Musker’s work. Check it:

On Aug. 3, the director will deliver a lecture on “The Animator’s Art: Lecture and Clips” at the PFA.

On Aug. 4 and 7, look for PFA screenings of “The Princess and the Frog” and “Pinocchio,” respectively.

And, if you’re down for a bit of a jaunt, you can head over to the Walt Disney Film Museum in San Francisco on Friday, Aug. 5. Musker is leading both a youth workshop and a master class on animation, followed by a 7 p.m. screening of (O Ratigan! O Ratigan!) the one and only “Great Mouse Detective.”

Win, win and win.

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