InstrumentsIf you feel burnt out over the weekend during your effort to catch up on ten readings that mysteriously never got finished over the school week or become mired in a deepening spiral of procrastination where even checking Facebook for the 20th time loses its splendor, consider giving yourself a break by visiting Cal Performances’ annual Fall Free for All on the UC campus this Sunday, Sept. 25.

Starting from 11 a.m., there will be over 25 performances, ranging from music and dance to theater, throughout the day at various locations across campus. As the name “Free for All” suggests, all performances are free and require no tickets. Events include a performance by the Berkeley Symphony Wind Ensemble at Zellerbach Hall  at 5 p.m. and a presentation by Jane Lynch of the television show, “Glee,” regarding  her new book, “Happy Accidents,” at Pauley Ballroom at 2:30 p.m.

Alongside venue events, student music ensembles such as Men’s Octet and the UC Chorale will be performing outdoors such as on Sproul Plaza and the Wheeler Hall steps. Between performances you can visit the “instrument petting zoo,” where you can listen to a variety of instrument demonstrations and attend CD signings, where you can meet participating artists.

As you can see, there will be many attractions this Sunday, and not only will you have fun, you will evolve from being an uncultured peasant to a true “connoisseur of the arts.” Glory be.

Image Source: Maryam under Creative Commons

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