2411318874_ecc236e5ee_mDon’t tell us that you can’t taste a difference. There is one.

Coke trumps Pepsi, any day of the week. Mountain Dew is an outrageous rip-off of Sprite, and Naked, while appreciated, simply will not match up to good ol’ Odwalla.
Last month, Coca-Cola’s contract with Cal expired, leaving poor Berkeley students to suffer with the travesty that is Pepsi.

We are outraged. This outrage is palpable. It is coming out of your screen and poking you in the face — where will we turn now to buy drinks on campus? In the instance of dehydration, are we to risk the potentially fatal move of purchasing a bottle of Pepsi? Is life even worth living anymore?

Naturally, there must be a few Pepsi fans out there. You Communists.

For those of you who do understand our teeming frustration, join us in our outcry. We’ve had our fair share of rallies; now is the time to call justice to our beverage intake.

The Clog is a little too lazy to organize anything, so hopefully one of you faithful readers will get the ball rolling on this one: the Rally for Coke.

Cheers to that.

Image source: Great Beyond under Creative Commons


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