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The Clog meets Seth Rogen!

Posted By Nammi Nadella On Sep 25, 2011 @ 9:00 pm In Arts | Comments Disabled

RogenA comedy about cancer? Coming from now producer, Seth Rogen, we’re not surprised. While the idea of a cancer comedy initially seems strange, upcoming release “50/50″ pulls off the perfect balance between humor and the dark side of illness. The movie is based on writer Will Reiser and Seth Rogen’s experience after they discovered Reiser had cancer.

The real-life friends came to San Francisco to talk about their journey and their new flick. Here’s what they had to say:

Are you worried about being type-casted as the guy whose friend has cancer?

SR: I am worried about it, but I think I’ll do three more movies about that before I’ll call it a limit. I have a few more diseases to hit.

WR: This is a franchise.

SR: Like Lord of the Rings.

Why did you go with the comedy angle?

WR: We always found humor in every situation.

SR: So our experience was very funny.

WR: That was our coping mechanism too, we didn’t sit around and talk about our feelings. [In other cancer films] they have a brief moment of clarity … they make amends with their sons that they haven’t talked to in 40 years, then they die.

Why the title change?

SR: “I’m With Cancer” is a potentially repellent title.

(Among other potential titles were “Live With It,” “Get Well Soon,” “I am Cancer” and “Untitled Cancer Comedy.”)

During the film, people come up to Adam and feel the need to walk up to you and say very personal things about finding out you have cancer, are you concerned now, after having made a giant movie out of that experience, how many people are going to come up to you and say more personal things?

WR: Really set myself up for that one.

SR: I [just] got a lot of people talking to me about weed.

“50/50″ releases in theaters September 30. Check it out!

Image Source: Nammi Nadella, Daily Cal

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