bart seatsFact: BART seats are disgusting. The dark-stains, the uncomfortable scratchy cloth, and the knowledge that the fecal and skin-borne bacteria on the seats are antibiotic resistant prompts the germophobes here at the Clog to stand during train rides.

But now is the time to breathe a sigh of relief, to rejoice and shout hallelujah to the Heavens! For BART is remodeling its seats at last. BART has decided to replace its repugnant wool seats with vinyl ones. About time. We Berkeley students have suffered enough at the threat of catching infectious diseases each time we ride to San Francisco.

Furthermore, it seems that the seats are apparently more cost-effective. Why? Well, rather than switching out the seats every three years, which is what the current model requires, BART now only has to replace its seats every ten years.

Hooray for saving money! Wait a minute … if the current seats that are switched out every three years already contain festering, irremovable bacteria, then wouldn’t it be logical to wonder if seats that are to be swapped out once a decade could be … worse? Come on, BART! You provide us with a nice resolution to our subway seats problem, but then tell us that the policy you will be implementing requires a longer stay with the material.

Apparently the vinyl seats are similar to the model that the metro system in Washington, D.C. uses. Is that supposed to be comforting? We know not.

For now though, revel in the destruction of the wool and the introduction of brand new vinyl. Will it be better than wool ten years from now?

We’ll all be graduated then. At this moment, we’re just happy that the BART is undergoing change.

Get back to us in a decade.

Image source: Jeremy Brooks under Creative Commons
BART to replace wool seats with vinyl ones in coming months [Daily Cal]


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