bashfulIf you’ve ever fallen on Sproul, found out you had your skirt tucked into your undergarments or pulled any other equally smooth maneuver, we have good news!

Researchers at UC Berkeley recently conducted studies where they found that people who experienced more mild embarrassment tended to be more pleasant people. We say ‘mild embarrassment’ because a panic attack does not fall under this beneficial category of pleasant personalities.

Studies show that people who get more embarrassed happen to be more trustworthy, generous and more likely to be monogamous.

In one trial, students told a story of an embarrassing moment and were asked to rate their level of embarrassment in the situation. The students then took part in a game which measures selflessness (don’t ask us how). The data showed that subjects who were more embarrassed had a greater tendency to be generous and “pro-social.”

Researchers said they did not have enough information to determine if the converse (people who don’t get embarrassed easily are less generous and trustworthy) is true. So next time you face plant and want to cry, remember that it’s okay because apparently, this is a sign that you’re a good person!

Image Source: Loren Javier under Creative Commons
Why It’s Good If You’re Easily Embarrassed [DoctorsLounge]

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