It’s that time of the fall semester again, where we throw away two-month old pizza, vacuum the floor and get rid of potentially incriminating evidence of illicit activities. Ah yes, the parental units are flooding into Berkeley this week for Homecoming.


After you’ve finished doing your laundry and yelling at your roommate to get his act together, don’t forget to participate in Homecoming week activities! The festivities officially began today, but there’s still plenty of time to get free food, pom-poms and other Cal paraphernalia.

Tuesday, Cal Can Creations — we too have no idea what this means — will be taking place at noon on Upper Sproul. Later that night, the infrequently visited Bowles Hall will be hosting the Night Rally at 8 p.m. Don’t forget to don your rain boots and coats in the instance of a chilly night!

On Wednesday, a plethora of activities will be occurring, such as the Noon Rally, which has actually been scheduled for 12:45 p.m. Later that evening, Spieker Plaza will be hosting the Homecoming BBQ (FOOD!).

After that, if you aren’t drained yet from running around campus showing off school spirit, Haas Pavilion will be holding the Homecoming Rally where a number of Cal groups will be performing. Then there’s the Dance and Casino Night at 9 p.m. at the Alumni House.

Phew! Head home for a good night’s sleep, so you’ll be well rested for the best part yet: Thursday’s Homecoming Game against USC. The game will take place at AT & T Park at 6 p.m., when the Golden Bears will (hopefully) annihilate the Trojans on the gridiron.

The fun doesn’t end on Thursday though — the parental units, who are most likely staying the weekend, will have the opportunity to walk a number of tours — Berkeleys Art Museum, Botanical Gardens and other institutions will be having open houses. Furthermore, Friday and Saturday will showcase a number of seminars, everything from the drug war in Mexico to special lectures for Cal parents. All times and locations can be found in the homecoming program.

Then it’s time to say goodbye to the parents and hit the books once again. Oh, and also to return to the usual messy habits we college specimen are so accustomed to.

And for those of you whose mum and dad won’t be dropping by, you can be assured that there will be plenty of parties happenin’ over the weekend.

So put on all your blue and gold and scream fiercely and unashamedly: GO BEARS!

Image source: calmenda under Creative Commons

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