campanileIf you aren’t too busy protesting big corporations in America this Saturday, make sure to join in on Berkeley Project’s annual Berkeley Project Day!

The Berkeley Project, since its first day-long service event in 2006, strives to connect the Cal student body with the city of Berkeley through widespread community service events.

This year, the Berkeley Project is teaming up with the UC Berkeley Homecoming Committee, and will be one of Homecoming week’s “featured events.” For the first time ever, Cal alumni and family are also welcome to register with a team to participate.

The event will take place this Saturday, October 15 beginning at 8 a.m. and ending around 4 p.m. with closing ceremonies on campus. Over 2000 volunteers will engage in various hands-on community projects, ranging from landscaping and cleaning up parks to painting and building. This year’s sites include Halcyon Neighborhood Association, Schoolhouse Creek Commons and Youth Engagement, Advocacy, Housing (YEAH!), among others.

For those of you interested in making the community a greener place, or just community service in general, it’s not too late to register for a team!

We can assure you, it’ll be a more productive use of your time than waving signs in front of Bank of America.

Image source: ingridtaylar under Creative Commons
Berkeley Project Day! [Facebook]

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