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In keeping up with our fondness for all things Halloween and all things literary, it’s unsurprising that we get pretty darn excited when these seemingly unrelated categories overlap.

When we heard about a special Story Hour event, entitled “Bay Area Mystery Writers panel,” happening on Friday, Oct. 14, we were thrilled. And, quite frankly, we know that the two-hour event will be more than just double the fun!

Starting at 4 p.m. in 190 Doe Library, a panel-led discussion will focus on the Bay Area and how it functions as a popular backdrop for detective/crime novels, mysteries and spooky stories in general. Local authors Lucha Corpi, Eddie Muller and Kelli Stanley will lead the conversation, which make sense, considering that they’ve all written enough to send some serious chills up your spine.

For those of you slaving away at your own Bay Area-inspired novel, this could be a great opportunity to hear from the pros; to learn from the masters, so to speak. Even if you’re not a writer, if you’ve ever read — and enjoyed — a mystery book (even if it was one of those Nancy Drew rags that our third grade teacher kept telling us to check out), it’s worth spending a Friday afternoon in the library. Who knows, you might just learn something!

Image source: quinn.anya under Creative Commons
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