5685080557_d1c4e0d002Harry Potter minions! The Chosen Ones! HOLLA!

Listen very closely to what the Clog is going to inform you special bunch about. Now, there are already tons of great events coming up this weekend, what with the Berkeley Project, Homecoming and oh, we don’t know, something about Occupy Berkeley, probably trivial … (Just kidding, the Clog know what’s up.)

Now we’re here to add something else to the list: A collegiate Quidditch match on our own campus.

Grinning yet?

You know, the epic game where witches and wizards fly on broomsticks and whiz around in the air, basically playing – to put it in lame, inadequate Muggle terms – supernatural basketball. Since we faithful followers of Harry Potter must be discreet about the magical blood running through our veins, we have to cope with the limitations of the regular humans’ world. But the Clog can promise that despite this, Saturday’s USC vs. Cal Quidditch Scrimmage from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Memorial Glade will be something worth attending. Even non-Harry Potter fans are more than welcome!

If you’re wondering if you should attend or not … Let us put this all into perspective: For three hours, that sacred spot will be tainted with the loud colors of USC cardinal and USC gold. Chosen Ones or not, Cal folks need to represent and make Memorial Glade overflow with our blue and gold instead. That’s right, deck out in Cal gear if you’re in the mood for it. Or just come — that’s great too.

For y’all who are possibly laughing at our ardent love for Quidditch, we’d just like to politely let you know that there is a legitimate International Quidditch Association, and adding onto that, Cal’s lovely Quidditch team is ahhhh-mazing. Yes, Quidditch has credentials even in Muggle Land.

And really, are you willing to let the opportunity to see people bolting around with brooms in between their legs, chasing either after a guy donning bright yellow clothes (the Snitch) or balls, even occasionally throwing a couple of them at their rivals’ faces, just slide by?

The question answers itself. Seriously.

Image source: John-Morgan under Creative Commons
USC vs. Cal Quidditch Scrimmage [Facebook]

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