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Mumps. It’s been the talk of the town, lately, and we’re not just referring to our town. Oh no, no, no, friends, word has spread all the way to southern California!

Now, everyone knows that last week, we got creamed by the Trojans at our Homecoming game. What you might not know, is that the USC student body in its entirety received warning of the mumps before heading North. That’s right, a student-wide email was sent from Dr. Lawrence Neinstein, professor of pediatrics and medicine at USC’s Keck School of Medecine to ensure that no Trojan drink from the same glass as a Golden Bear.

The Clog managed to get our hands on the email (oh yes, we’ve got sources all over the place), and thought our lovely Berkeley compatriots might like to see what the Trojans were told:

“Dear Trojans:

“We want to inform you of a mumps outbreak at the University of California Berkeley. There have been NO reported cases of mumps at USC.

“If you are going to Berkeley for the game, please enjoy the festivities and the game, but note that mumps is an infection that is transmitted through respiratory droplets i.e. sharing drinks, cigarettes, towels or being coughed on. So, please be careful. … ”

The email goes on to talk about USC’s vaccination policy and includes some boring as hell really informative links to USC’s version of the Tang Center. Nice job, USC — your students were adequately warned. Too bad we didn’t spend more time coughing on them.

Image source: Elephant wearing striped pants under Creative Commons


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