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Who won? Who freakin’ won?

Posted By Eunice Choi On Oct 20, 2011 @ 9:40 am In Sports | Comments Disabled

Alex 2

Photo: Ren

On the fateful Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 …
The sky was a vivid blue layered over with perfect clouds …
Many came to watch …
Screams filled the air …
Knuckles were bitten with anxiety, with excitement …
Bets, faiths and even newborn babies — okay, not babies — were recklessly cast …
Frothy butterbeers were downed by thirsty bystanders …
Blue, cardinal and gold came together …
In the epic Cal vs. USC Quidditch Scrimmage [1]!


Photo: Choi

How did this game progress? In what way, shape or form did the Quidditch gurus fight to beat their respective rivals? Were there broken noses, severe concussions, foul curses, perhaps even several “Sectumsempra [2]s” and an unforgivable “Crucio” muttered without notice? Well, there weren’t any slashed chests or players doubling over in unimaginable pain, so there is no need for pointed fingers. Either way, the game was a fantastic one.

This is for the witches, wizards, Squibs and even the clueless Muggles who were unfortunately not present at the game. Enjoy!


alex 3The fantastic Cal Quidditch team warming up (Photo: Ren)

scoreScoreboard. Promising scores for one of the several games!
(Photo: Choi)

Below: (Left) Baked goods, which included the likes of Pumpkin Pasties, cookies, Chocolate Wands, Toffee Clusters, and Official Cal Butterbeer — readers, let us know if you want the recipe! and (Right) the Balls of Utter Importance: Quaffle and Bludgers.
Photos: Ren (top) and Choi (bottom)

alex 15

alex 4

The awesome announcer who was spot-on with a stereotypical, condescending, fake British accent.
Best statement? “Butterbeer is better beer.”

alex 5Heck yes, Cal has scored! (Photo: Ren)

vingetThe artsy angle, the perfect positions of the players, the saturated colors … Oh, it’s too much Awesomeness!
(Photo: Vignet)

alex 10
Close-contact sport. Grimacing encouraged. (Photo: Ren)

alex 6She’s obviously compensating for her limited magical powers in the Muggle world by bolting in this incredible fashion.
(Photo: Ren)

alex 7Nope, USC did not have a chance. (Photo: Ren)

alex 8Cal’s goal post is threatened! But no worries. (Photo: Ren)

alex 11
Victory! The Snitch has been caught! Proven by the sock thrust into the air by Cal’s formidable Seeker. Yes, dear reader. Cal won against USC. (Photo: Ren)
Note: There were 4 games total, each lasting about 15 minutes.

– There were a couple mishaps, one beastly and the other … intense, to say the least.

alex 9 (1)

alex 9 (2)

AlexLiterally lol’ing. With pride of course. For our team’s perseverance in holding the Quaffle. Or maybe it was an underhanded Jelly-Legs Jinx. (Photos: Ren)

alex 12
But at the end of it all, friendship and good sportsmanship reigned. You made us proud, Bears, and great job, Trojans.
(Photo: Ren)

alex 13Cal’s victorious Quidditch team (Photo: Ren)

alex 14Cal and USC’s Quidditch teams
Blue, cardinal, and gold never looked better all next to each other. (Photo: Ren)

Finally, to sum this all up, memorable quotes:
“The [Quidditch Team] has grown immensely, with more than 40 active members.” – Sean Robbins, Cal’s Quidditch co-Captain

“Uh guys, I think we’re out of butterscotch.” – Cal Quidditch team member referring to butterbeer

“Snitch sauntering onto the field … “ – Cal’s game announcer

“I think the best part of Quidditch is flying through the air. People think it’s only running but if you get momentum and there aren’t too many Muggles around, then yeah!” - Sara Burton, USC Quidditch team member

For future reference … be on the lookout for the Big Sweep,
Cal vs. Stanford!

Image sources: Alexander Thomas Ren, courtesy; Anna Vignet, Daily Cal; Eunice Choi, Daily Cal

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