raputreDespite the strange number of foreboding earthquakes the day before the much-anticipated “Rapture,” the end of the world turned out to be a pretty enjoyable Friday.

Unfortunately for most of us, since the world is still here, so are midterms. Darn it! Guess we still have to study. But with the rapture now behind us, our dear Yoshua is nowhere to be seen … as of now. Which begs the question, will he come back?

The Clog couldn’t snatch an interview with the spiritual herald, so we consulted the expertise of Dale Loepp, a Ph.D. candidate in Jewish Studies and a GSI for Religious Studies 90A.

The Clog: Why didn’t the rapture happen?

Dale Loepp: Well, people have been talking about the end of the world for a long time, but the rapture idea itself was the invention of a British (of course) guy named John Nelson Darby around 1830.  You’d think people would have given up on it by now.

The Clog: Could “experiencing” the rapture be the equivalent of eating CREAM? If  not, what else?

Dale Loepp: Hmmm … I think the experience is probably more like listening to that Blondie hit “Rapture” from the 80′s. The first 30 seconds or so are mildly entertaining, then it’s sort of boring and dated.  And the lip syncing is bad.

The Clog: Is it fair that only Berkeley was well informed of the rapture, as we know Yoshua does a great job in informing the public?

Dale Loepp: As the center of the universe, Berkeley is the perfect place for discussing the rapture.  To figure out the correct date for the rapture you need both complicated math and the Bible. And where other than Berkeley do you have not only some of the world’s best Bible scholars but also more Nobel Prize winners than you can shake a stick at?  There’s a reason Yoshua wasn’t camping out at Stanford.

* * *

Will there be a new rapture date? Will Yoshua come back? We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep partying studying for your midterms like there’s no tomorrow.

Image source: joe.ross under Creative Commons

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