any questionsOperational Excellence. Those two words crop up more frequently than just about any others on our campus (well, except for maybe “Whose university?” … and “Is that going to be on the midterm?”). Funnily enough, though, very few people actually understand Operational Excellence — what it is, its goals, who’s behind it all, etc.

The truth is, Operational Excellence is a bit of a beast to wrap your mind around (we’re having a hell of a time of it, over on our end), so the powers that be are holding an “OE Showcase” this Thursday, Oct. 27, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the MLK Student Union’s Pauley Ballroom.

Here’s your chance, Berserkeley, the Showcase is for you! Go and ask the tough questions! Figure out what all the money is going toward! Scour the premises for complimentary treats, while you’re at it (and let us know if you find any)! Decide for yourself if OE is an excellent endeavor, because you can’t complain if you’re uninformed …

There’s even a handy-dandy schedule of topics and times, so if there’s something that tickles your fancy, you can attend just those bits. Go forth and revel in the knowledge!

Image source: coldtaxi under Creative Commons
OE Showcase [UC Berkeley]

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