Taking a break from studying? Not heading into the nation’s greatest trick-or-treat hotspot? Enjoy your moment of procrastination with the Clog’s Halloween haikus.

We preface our Clog poetry by saying that they, sadly, will not be erotic nor relevant to Jack Donaghy, but we hope you find them entertaining nonetheless.

Berkeley midterms
Prevent us from nabbing sweets.
Woe to our sad lives!

Earthquakes shake the place
Scared, we hide inside, fearful
of ghosts and collapse

The end of the world
has passed; parties are filled with
Yoshua costumes

The one percent snack
on treats while the rest of us
protest king-sized tricks

Work hard, play hard. Maybe if you’re reading this earlier on in the evening you’ll finish in time to revel in the festivities. Furthermore, if you believe that your personal haikus are superior to ours, feel free to unleash your inner Edgar Allen Poe in the comments section below (keep it PG, guys).

Now to get back to the books. The Clog wishes you the best.

Image source: Teo under Creative Commons

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