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It’s all fun and games …

Posted By Bon Jin Koo On Oct 31, 2011 @ 10:44 pm In Sandbox,Sports | Comments Disabled

291708_279316912086963_159806224038033_1114315_168298321_nQuick, he’s going seven pool! OMG dt rush! MASS VOID RAYS!!!

If you had no idea what we just said, then you’re missing out on a global phenomenon! Okay, that made it sound way more impressive than it should, but Starcraft 2 [1] is quickly making its name known as one of the foundations to electronic sports (e-sports).

E-sports [2] is a concept popularized by gamers, for gamers. If baseball and basketball players can play competitively, then why not people who play video games? Starcraft Brood War [3], the prequel to Starcraft 2, is still a hugely popular e-sport in South Korea, with entire television channels dedicated to the game. South Korean Starcraft players are renowned for their skill in both Starcraft Brood War and Starcraft 2, but other players are quickly catching up.

Enter Conan Liu. A Berkeley freshman thinking about going pre-med on the outside, but in game … he is VPSuppy [4]. Conan is one such competitive gamer in the Starcraft universe, and the Clog took the jump to ask him some vital questions.

The Clog: One question … how did you get this good?

Conan Liu: I have been playing Brood War since seventh grade. Starcraft 2 was easy for me to get used to. I actually don’t play that much, but I watch a lot of other good players.

The Clog: We see you joined the Collegiate StarLeague Cal team [5]! Any thoughts?

Conan Liu: The team is really strong this year, and I think we will make the playoffs for the Collegiate Star League.

The Clog: Does being a Cal student affect your play?

Conan Liu: Definitely. School work definitely takes up a lot of time as well as extracurricular activities … other than Starcraft 2.

The Clog: What about the Stanford Starcraft team?

Conan Liu: Dude, they suck. We destroyed them 3-1 [6]. OWNED!

Do you want to try Starcraft 2? It’s free to play [7], so you have no excuse! Just don’t be Terran [8]; they’re totally imba [9].

Image source: Bon Jin Koo, Daily Cal

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