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Jack-o-lanterns that rocked our socks! (Really!)

Posted By Jillian Wertheim On Oct 31, 2011 @ 2:03 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

So, remember back a few weeks ago when we invited you all to send us pictures [1]of your best Halloween decorations and pumpkin masterpieces? Well, we did. We also picked out a few of our favorites, and thought you might like to see ’em, too.

oski pumpkin 1

oski pumpkin 2

This pumpkin (pictured, right), carved by freshman Amanda Burke, caught our attention pretty quickly (we’re sure you can see why).

The artist gets mad props for venturing away from tradition and letting school spirit cover that orange canvas. We couldn’t help but be impressed by Burke’s technique: Oski’s face is partially carved and partially shaved, creating a variety of really cool glow effects when placed in its natural habitat — the dark!

Go Bears, and go Amanda, for carving a truly legit pumpkin! Reward yourself by eating some of those totally addictive mini-Snickers.

sad rabbit

For taking the classic jack-o-lantern and giving it a fresh face, we’d like to congratulate Lauren Leinweber, a sophomore and social welfare major here at Berkeley. She created her “Sad Rabbit” pumpkin (pictured, left) at a carving party with Cal Band Percussion.

It’s a true tour de force, and we at the Clog would like to encourage viewers to appreciate the sheer precision Leinweber must possess: Just look at those curving eyelashes — that can’t have been easy! When asked about the inspiration for her work, the artist responded, “I chose a rabbit because I just really love animals and lament the fact that I cannot have any in my apartment.” We feel you, Lauren.


The Clog couldn’t help but try our own hands at pumpkin carving, so we shelled out a few bucks, bought a gourd and hacked away at it for a couple of hours with some adventurous friends. And that’s how it all went down.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Image sources (from top): Amanda Burke, courtesy; Lauren Leinweber, courtesy; Jillian Wertheim, Daily Cal

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