kimchi fried rice

On a dark and stormy night … just kidding. But seriously, on a rainy day sometimes dorm food or those ancient leftovers in your refrigerator just don’t cut it. So what’s the first word that comes to mind? Two actually: comfort food.

Comfort food is something we all know and love. It’s the one time we enjoy food for what it is, no matter how unhealthy, no matter what problems we may have at the moment. The Bear’s Ramen House is an excellent place to get Asian comfort food. The Ramen House has been a popular dining choice for students; not too expensive and generous portions.

Not Asian? No worries there, the Ramen House will have you adding kimchi fried rice to your comfort food list in no time! Even though the little restaurant is named after a Japanese noodle dish, many people urge their friends to try the fried rice. The warm, spicy goodness mixed with SPAM, seafood or whatever you’re craving goes down well in rainy weather. Even if kimchi friend rice isn’t on your mind (shame on you) there’s plenty to choose from on their large menu of other delectable dishes such as ramen or traditional Korean soups.

But seriously, get the kimchi fried rice.
Are we being a little biased? Perhaps. Of course not.

Image Source: Dolmang under Creative Commons
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