save ucUnfortunately, Guy Fawkes’ Day was held on a Saturday this year. Otherwise, UC Berkeley’s “Day of Action for Public Education” would coincide nicely with the revolutionary celebration.

Tomorrow’s protest against the UC budget cuts and tuition hikes is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. with a “teach-out” — GSIs and professors will be gathering their classes out on Sproul Plaza for what looks to be a chilly morning session. Our sympathies to those who will be listening to lecture in the freezing cold.

Then, at noon, a student walkout and rally will take place at the same location, followed by a general assembly in the evening, venue TBA.

The GSI union as well as the Public Education Coaltion (PEC) are expected to be in attendance, and other UC schools, namely UCLA and UC Santa Cruz, may be joining in the demonstrations on their respective campuses.

Organizers predict that over 5,000 students will participate in the walk-out tomorrow, making it the largest protest since the one held in September of 2009.

The buzz and attention has even caused ASUC President Vishalli Loomba and External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman, along with Graduate Assembly President Bahar Navab, to send out emails to the student population, encouraging them to engage in peaceful demonstrations.

If you intend to be out there tomorrow, the Clog expresses the same sentiments: Stay safe.

And don’t forget to dress warmly.

Image Source: Bleiddwn under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Day of Action planned for Wednesday [Daily Cal]

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